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The provisions of the catalog do not constitute a contract between Our Lady of the Lake College and the student, but rather the general nature of and conditions concerning the educational services of the College in effect at the time of publication.

Any fees, charges or costs set forth in this catalog are subject to change at any time without notice. All courses, programs and activities described in this catalog are subject to cancellation or termination by the College at any time. The academic regulations and degree requirements are subject to revision during the effective period of this catalog to reflect changes in Board policies, occupational and licensure requirements and other changes related to the quality of the program.

Our Lady of the Lake College hereby expressly disclaims any warranty or representation that any course or program completed by a student will result in the acquisition of any specific knowledge or skills by the student, or will enable the student to successfully complete or pass any specific examinations for any course, degree or occupational license.

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February 2015

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