OLOL College

About the College Food Pantry

In 2012, a heartfelt suggestion was brought to a Student Government Association (SGA) meeting.  Students recognized that even with outside jobs, some fellow OLOL College students were struggling to pay their bills and keep food on the table for themselves and their families.  A year has passed, and the new campus food pantry has been a great extension of our mission, distributing food to approximately 200 students a semester.

“There are both traditional (18-22 year old) and non-traditional (25-38 year old) students who have been in need of this service,” explained Phyllis Simpson, Dean of Student Services.  “All students go through counseling before gaining access to the pantry, and the College makes sure that these students are supported with additional resources if necessary throughout the process.”

"I think that students at OLOL College are one big family and sometimes family members go thorough rough times,” stated Physical Therapist Assisting student Darius Ike.  “It is only right that we come together and help each other through those struggles.”

Photo Caption:  From left to right is Student Government Association President Ashlyn Comeaux, FMOL Sisters Sr. Helen Cahill and Sr. Uyen Vu, and 90th Anniversary Committee representatives Michelle Mitchell and Ginger Miller.  Additionally, in this picture the following are alumnae . . . Sr. Helen Cahill, 1970, Sr. Uyen Vu, 1999. 2006, and 2008, and Ginger Miller, 1962.

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