OLOL College


In 2012, College faculty members adopted a five-year Academic Plan based on six expectations and five commitments.  The academic community expects its members to be ethical, respectful, civil, vital, and purposeful and for all of its members to be valued contributors to the five commitments.  Those commitments are to multi-modal and distributed learning, collaboration, reflective practice, evidence-based teaching, and scholarship.

As the faculty and its leadership implement strategies to meet the Academic Plan’s goals, each of its nine professional programs will remain in good standing with state and national accrediting bodies; the entire College community will continue to put students first; and the strength of the College’s academic programs will be central to Centennial Compass 2.0, the institution’s new Strategic Plan.

Support from the College’s outstanding Student Services unit will continue to enhance student culture and success.  In addition, we are increasing on-line courses and programs and making service learning even more central to class experiences.   We will continue moving toward more advanced degrees as multiple Gerontology and Healthy Aging initiatives will lead to a center of excellence.  As faculty scholarship and student / faculty research broaden, the College commitment to spiritual growth and development will deepen.

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