OLOL College

Chemistry Minor


The battery of courses required for a minor in chemistry provides a selection of inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, analytical chemistry, and biochemistry. The 18 credit hour minor in chemistry complements all baccalaureate programs, especially those leading to a Bachelor of Science degree.


To receive a minor in chemistry, students must earn a "C" or better in 18 credit hours of coursework as outlined below.


  • CHEM 2210 - Analytical Chemistry (4 hrs)
  • CHEM 2310 - General Organic Chemistry I (3 hrs)
  • CHEM 2310L - General Organic Chemistry I Laboratory (1 hr)
  • CHEM 2311 - General Organic Chemistry II (3 hrs)
  • CHEM 2311L - General Organic Chemistry II Laboratory (1 hr)
  • CHEM 3310 - Biochemistry (3 hrs)
  • CHEM 4915 - Research Problems in Chemistry (3 hrs)

Total (18 Credit Hours)

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