OLOL College

Dietetic Internship Program Costs

MSNS-DI Tuition and Program Cost

Application Fee $40
Tuition and Fees  $25,930 (approx.)
AND Student Membership  $65
Transportation (each student is encouraged to have their own vehicle)  $40-50/week (approx.)
Housing – (apartments around Baton Rouge) $700-$1,200/month (approx.)
Books (depending on personal resources)  $150-200/semester (approx.)
Physical Exams varies
Immunizations varies
Level 1 Background Checks  $45
CPR (Basic Life Support)    $65 (approx.)
Uniforms (Lab Coat/Polos)  $30-50 each
AND FNCE (mandatory)  $800-1,200 (cost depends on conference site)
LAND State Conference  $100

The university strongly recommends students carry personal health insurance. Students are responsible for all costs associated with medical treatment. 




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