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Thesis Curriculum

 The MSNS program with thesis is 30 credit hours in length.  Refer to the course descriptions to identify the semester (fall, spring or summer) that the course are offered.  Courses are only offered once a year. 

Mode Label                 Semester Credit Hours
                                                Year 1
Online NUTR 5310 Community Nutrition Policy, Programs and Services 3
Online NUTR 5315 BioNutrition 3
Online HPGC 5320* Applied Biostatistics and Epidemiology 3
      9 Total
Online NUTR 5325 Advanced Medical Nutrition Therapy 3
Online HPGC 5330* Research Methods for the Health Sciences 3
Online NUTR 5335 Advanced Food Systems and Food Security 3
Online NUTR 6960 Independent Study 2
      11 Total
Online HPGC 5160* Ethics and Medical Law 1
Online NUTR 6965 Thesis 3
      4 Total
                                              Year 2
Online NUTR 6345 Nutrition Education adn Counselling Techniques 3
Online NUTR 6965 Thesis 3
      6 Total
    Total Program 30 Credits

*Core classes taught across graduate curriculum at the University

The academic calendar can be found at at http://www.ololcollege.edu/offices-services/office-of-the-registrar/academic-calendar.

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