OLOL College

RN to BSN Curriculum

Course Number Course Name Credit Hours
Credit for Pre-Licensure Nursing Courses
Credit for pre-licensure nursing courses   38
Core Curriculum Requirements    
Math 2315 General Statistics 3
Arts and Sciences Electives (may include transfer courses) 49
Arts and Sciences Electives (3000 level or above) 3 credit hours must be in the Religious Studies department 6
Baccalaureate Core Nursing Courses
NURS 3340 RN-BSN Evidence-Based Practice 3
NURS 3345 RN-BSN Health Assessment  3
NURS 4300 RN-BSN Leadership Principles in Nursing 3
NURS 3350 RN-BSN Professional Nursing Concepts 3
NURS 4725 RN-BSN Community Health Nursing  6
NURS 4335 RN-BSN Healthcare Policy 3
NURS Elective

Choose one of the following:
NURS 4310 RN-BSN Successful Aging
NURS 4320 RN-BSN Mental Health and Film
NURS 4325 RN-BSN Ethical and Legal Issues in Nursing

  Total credit hours for Bachelor of Science in Nursing 120

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