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PTA Admission Requirements

To be considered for admission to the PTA Program, all applicants must complete the entire PTA application process by January 1 and meet the minimum admissions criteria listed below:

    • Meet all College minimum admission criteria at the time of appliction
    • Minimum grade of C in all pre-requisite course work in the degree plan
    • Minimum GPA of:
      • 2.0 in all college level courses pursued
      • Recommended 2.75 in Arts and Science pre-requisite courses listed in the PTA Curriculum Plan (applicants who fail to meet minimum gpa requirements may be enrolled in the PTA Program after consideration by the program director, but may be required to take additional course work.)
    • Completion of, or enrollment in, at least 26 credit hours of pre-requisite course work at the time of application, including:
      • WRIT 1310
      • ACSM 1100
      • MATH 1315
      • BIOL 2310
      • BIOL 2311
    • Completion of 100 (recommended) volunteer or work experience in a physical therapy clinic or dept. ( (It is recommended that the student have some inpatient exposure)
    • Priority is given to:
      • Applicants who complete all pre-requisite courses prior to enrollment in the PTA Program
      • Applicants who have completed Arts and Science pre-requisite courses at Our Lady of the Lake College
    • Volunteer or Work Experience in a Physical Therapy Department--This provides the opportunity to explore the practice of physical therapy, roles of physical therapists and physical therapist assistants, and settings in which physical therapy is practiced
      • Applicants must document the recommended minimum of 100 hours in at least one Physical Therapy Department (forms are provided in the application packet)
      • Volunteer hours must be completed prior to enrollment in the program
      • Preferential consideration is given to applicants who have experience in more than one physical therapy setting and who have completed the minimum hours at the time of application
    • Three letters of reference from employers, counselors, advisors, mentors, or instructors, who can attest to the applicants academic abilities, personal characteristics and perseverance (reference forms provided in the application packet)
    • Completed application form, with official transcripts of college grades from all colleges/universities attented
    • Additional documentation of evidence of life experiences, extraordinary accomplishments and personal attributes that attest to the applicant’s ability to successfully complete the PTA Program: personal characteristics, proven leadership experiences, effective communication skills, effective time management and organizational skills, ability to overcome academic challenges, community service activities, motivation and initiative, application of critical thinking and problem solving skills, cross cultural experiences
      • Life Experiences that may have prohibited academic success but contributed to overall personal development. The following are provided as examples only: family crisis, financial hardships, educational hardships, personal conflict, etc.
      • Extraordinary Educational Achievements/Accomplishments: honors courses, participation in academic clubs, additional degree or certification, recipient of academic scholarships

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