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Master of Medical Science in Physician Assistant Studies

Curriculum Plan

Semester 1 Credits Hours Semester 2 Credit Hours
PHAS 5727 Patient Assessment 4 PHAS 5731 Pharmacotherapeutics I 4
PHAS 5740 Medical Anatomy 6 PHAS 5750 Foundations of Clinical Medicine and Surgery I 5
PHAS 5742 Medical Physiology 4 PHAS 5751 Foundations of Clinical Medicine and Surgery II 5
PHAS 5745 Radiology 2 PHAS 5755 Clinical Lab. Medicine 3
Semester Credit hours 16 Semester Credit hours 17
Semester 3 Credits Hours Semester 4 Credit Hours
PHAS 5732 Pharmacotherapeutics II 3

HPGC 6320 Research Methods 

PHAS 5752 Foundations of Clinical Medicine and Surgery III 5

PHAS 5726 PA History and Professional Issues

PHAS 5728 Clinical Medicine Skills 5 PHAS 5753 Foundations of Clinical Medicine and Surgery IV 5

 PHAS 5762 Psychosocial Dynamics in Healthcare

3 PHAS 5754 Foundations of Clinical Medicine and Surgery V 3
    HPGC 5125 Ethics and Medical Law 1

Semester Credits Hours

16 Semester Credits Hours 14
Semester 5 Credits Hours Semester 6 Credits Hours
PHAS 5771-5780 (3) Clinical Rotations 12 PHAS 5771-5780  (4) Clinical Rotations 16
Semester Credits Hours 12 Semester Credits Hours 16
Semester 7 Credits Hours    
PHAS 5910 Master’s Project Seminar 3    
PHAS 5925 PA Seminar 2    
PHAS 5771-5780 (3) Clinical Rotations 12    
Semester Credits Hours 17    

The total semester credit hours for the Master of Medical Science Degree in Physician Assistant Studies is 108 semester credit hours.

Table of Educational Blocks for Foundation Courses I-V
*Sequence of topics within foundation courses may vary by semester

PHAS 5750 Foundations I PHAS 5751 Foundations II PHAS 5752 Foundations III

Infectious Disease



PHAS 5753 Foundations IV PHAS 5754 Foundations V  


Emergency Medicine


Clinical Rotation ( 4 credits/ rotation)
*Sequence of clinical rotations may vary by semester

PHAS 5771 General Clinical Medicine I PHAS 5776 General Surgery
PHAS 5772 General Clinical Medicine II PHAS 5777 Musculoskeletal Medicine
PHAS 5773 General Clinical Medicine III PHAS 5778 Pediatrics
PHAS 5774 General Clinical Medicine IV PHAS 5779 Emergency Medicine
PHAS 5775 General Clinical Medicine V PHAS 5780 Focused Topics in Medicine

Graduation Requirements

  1. Successful completion of all coursework and clinical rotations.
  2. Satisfactory grade on the summative examinations.
  3. Successful completion of the master’s project.
  4. Minimum overall average GPA of 3.0 in the Program courses.
  5. Progress and Promotion Committee approval.
  6. Resolution of all indebtedness to Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady University, including the return of all materials borrowed from the University library.
  7. Submission of an Intent to Graduate Form to the office of the Registrar by the appropriate deadline.

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