OLOL College

Admission Requirements

Application Deadline:

August 1

Minimum Admission Requirements

  1. Baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited, U.S. college or university or equivalent prior to the time of matriculation:
    • Early admission will be considered for students enrolled in, and in good standing in Franciscan University's 3+2 Biology degree program. All 3+2 applicants must meet all other PA program criteria.
    • Candidates who attended an accredited college or university outside of the United States must have their baccalaureate degree confirmed and coursework evaluated by an approved international transcript evaluation center at the candidate's expense. A list may be obtained by contacting the Office of Admissions, 225-490-1619.
    • Applicants who have graduated from, or attended, foreign or U.S. medical schools, or who have advanced degrees in biological sciences or similar programs, will not be granted automatic acceptance into the PA program. Nor will transfer credits from graduate or post-graduate programs be accepted.
  2. Successful completion of all pre-requisite courses. Please note, "Survey" course do not satisfy the pre-requisite requirements. "online" courses may be considered, however, are not preferred with the exception of medical terminology.
    • Human Anatomy with lab
    • Human Physiology (combined anatomy and physiology I and II with labs are acceptable alternatives)
    • General Microbiology
    • Organic Chemistry I
    • Organic Chemistry II (2000 level or higher) or Biochemistry (3000 level or higher)
    • General Psychology
    • Statistics
    • Genetics
    • Medical Terminology (certificate or other courses acceptable)
  3. Graduate Record Examination (GRE) completed within the previous five years submitted directly to CASPA;
    • OLOL/CASPA GRE code is: 7348
  4. Three letters of recommendation. Letters are uploaded via the CASPA portal and should be from individuals who can attest to the individual applicant's educational success, ambition, drive or personal attributes that set the candidate apart from others. Former teachers, medical professional or employers are recommended. Letters of recommendations from friends and family are STRONGLY discouraged.
  5. Personal statement. The personal statement should summarize why the individual desires to be a Physician Assistant and what they personally can contribute to the profession.
  6. Personal Interview: All candidates are screened via personal interview made up of multiple faculty members as well as practicing PAs.
  7. Students must meet and maintain all technical standards in order to be enrolled in, and progress through, the PA program.

The PA program strives to accept a diverse, mature, compassionate and community service-oriented student body. Therefore, in addition to excellence in academics, the admissions committee considers many other individual factors when considering each applicant:

  1. Hands on experience (generally a minimum of 80 hours to be considered competitive)
  2. Shadowing one or more PAs
  3. Licensed healthcare worker
  4. Previous military experience
  5. Franciscan University graduate
  6. Student from medically underserved areas
  7. Mission work/Community Service

Acceptance into the PA program is competitive. In order to be considered for admission into the PA program, candidates must have a minimum 3.0 GPA in the following areas: cumulative undergraduate GPA, undergraduate science GPA and pre-requisite GPA (as calculated and verified by CASPA). Additionally, candidates must have a combined verbal/quantitative GRE score of 300 and a minimum of a 3 on the writing section of the GRE.

The following table should give the applicant guidance as to how competitive he/she is in comparison to prior PA classes. The competitive candidate has a “B” or better in all defined pre-requisite course work. Repeated attempts at pre-requisite coursework will be noted and weaken candidate’s overall application packet.


Average GPA (cumulative)

Average GPA (pre-requisite)

Average GRE (V)

Average GRE (Q)

Average GRE (W)




152 (479)

149 (607)





152 (479)

150 (624)





152 (483)

151 (638)





154 (504)

152 (660)





150 (450)

150 (632)


2019 3.48 3.54 152 151 3.87

V = verbal Q = Quantitative W= Writing
(Scoring based on scale prior to 8/1/2011 in parenthesis)

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