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Physician Assistant Studies Application Materials

Application Process

  1. Candidate must create a CASPA account. The application cycle opens April 27th. The application must be received and in verified status by CASPA by the published application deadline of August 1st* (www.caspaonline.org)
  2. The candidate is responsible for ensuring all application materials are received prior to the application deadline in order to be verified by CASPA. The PA program will not track, or notify individual candidates of any missing items.
  3. Any additional unrequested application documents provided by the candidate will not be considered for admission or returned.
  4. The candidate is responsible for all CASPA application fees.
  5. Beginning in 2017, the PA program will now require a supplemental application. Prospective students will receive the supplemental application from the program once their CASPA application has been made COMPLETE. The deadline for the supplemental application is September 1
  6. The Admissions sub-committee will review all completed applications and determine based on admission criteria and individual factors previously discussed, which candidates will be granted a personal interview.  The following represents the general timeframe of the admissions decision process, but is subject to change: 
    • Personal interview invitations are generally mailed between September 1st and September 15th of each application cycle.
    • Any candidate who fails to RSVP for the interview by the published deadline, forfeits their interview and potential acceptance into the program.
    • Generally,75-100 candidates will be interviewed for 30 positions in the class
    • Personal Interviews may be conducted from September 15 through mid-October.
    • The candidate is responsible for travel arrangements/fees associated with interview.
  7. Generally, acceptance and alternate notifications will be mailed by November 1
    • Candidates are required to acknowledge and accept their position in the class by the stated deadline in their acceptance letter, or forfeit their position in the class.
    • A non-refundable tuition deposit is required and must be paid prior to deadline or the candidate forfeits their position in the class.
  8. Candidates who did not meet criteria for an interview will be notified in writing after September 1st. 
  9. Candidates who were interviewed but not accepted will be notified in writing by November 1.

*Exceptions to the August 1st application deadline may be made by the Admissions Subcommittee on a case-by-case basis.


The PA program currently accepts 30 students per year. There are a number of ways in which a candidate may be accepted:

  • Acceptance: Following personal interview, and ranking by the Admissions Subcommittee. This candidate meets all admissions criteria, and will be notified in writing. Admission will be dependent upon the candidate’s acknowledgement of acceptance and intent to accept invitation. A deposit will be required to secure the candidate’s position in the class. A failure to communicate intent to join the PA class or to submit deposit by published deadline may result in forfeiture of position. This category also applies to all 3+2 Biology Candidates who are in good standing in their degree program and complete the personal interview.
  • Conditional Acceptance: This candidate meets all admissions criteria, but has not completed all undergraduate coursework at the time of application deadline. A final transcript will be required prior to matriculation. If admissions criteria standards are not met, the candidate will forfeit his/her position.
  • Alternate List: A number of candidates may be placed on an alternate or “waiting” list. These candidates will be contacted in writing, in the event an automatically admitted student declines his/her acceptance for any reason. Alternates MAY be contacted for admission up to the first day of Spring classes. The PA program cannot disclose the order of rankings of the alternate list.


Deadline for Application: August 1 (verification date for CASPA)

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