OLOL College

Practical Nursing Program Objectives

Upon completion of the Practical Nursing Program the student will be able to:

  1. Describe the role of the LPN as specified by the nursing practice act and function within this scope.  
  2. Integrate spiritual, socioeconomic and developmental concepts and values in providing individualized care for patients, families and groups experiencing common health problems.  
  3. Apply knowledge from biopsychosocial and nursing sciences as the basics for beginning practice as a practical nurse.  
  4. Utilize the specialized knowledge and skills within the framework of the nursing process to meet the health needs of people in a variety of settings under the direction of qualified health professionals.  
  5. Safeguard the confidential information acquired, from any source about the patient and her/his family or significant other.  
  6. Communicate with clients, families, significant others and other health team members in the delivery of healthcare.  
  7. Practice within the profession's legal scope and ethical boundaries to meet the healthcare needs of individuals, families and groups in a variety of health care settings.  
  8. Collaborate with other health team members to provide care for individuals in a variety of healthcare settings.  
  9. Assume responsibility for continuing the life long process of personal, professional and educational development.  
  10. Utilize appropriate knowledge, skills and abilities in providing safe, competent care in performing nursing functions.  

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