OLOL College

Program Goals and Student Learning Outcomes

The goals for the Radiologic Technology Program are as follows: The student learning outcomes for the Radiologic Technology Program are as follows:
1. Students will demonstrate the skills to competently and safely perform radiographic procedures.

1.  Students will apply radiation protection principles in radiographic examinations.

2.  Students will competently perform positioning for radiographic examinations.

3.  Students will competently manipulate radiographic equipment.

2.  Students will demonstrate the use of effective communication skills.

4.  Students will utilize written communication skills.

5.  Students will provide age appropriate, oral communication.
3.  Students will apply critical thinking skills.

6.  Students will accurately adjust procedural factors for various examinations.

7.  Students will evaluate radiographic images for optimum quality.
4.  Students will model professionalism while promoting Franciscan values of Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady University.

8.  Students will demonstrate affective behaviors.

9.  Students will compare ethical and unethical values.

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