OLOL College

Surgical Technology Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements

The applicant must meet the minimum requirements for admission to the Surgical Technology Program.  These are:

  1. Minimum college grade point average of 2.0;
  2. Minimum grade of C or better in all prerequisite Arts and Sciences courses in the Surgical Technology curriculum (ACSM 1110, BIOL 1110, BIOL 2310, BIOL 2310L, BIOL 2311, BIOL 2311L, BIOL 2325, BIOL 2325L, CHEM 1310 or 1315, WRIT 1310, WRIT 1311, MATH 1315)
  3. Minimum grade of C or better in SURT 1110, 1310, and 1310L

Admission Process

Entrance into the program at Our Lady of the Lake College is competitive, and the requirements of the courses are demanding in the clinical program.  The arts and sciences courses in the Curriculum provide a foundation and indicate the applicant’s potential for success.  Priority is given to applicants who have completed the arts and sciences courses at a level which indicated potential for success in the program and who demonstrated understanding of the demands of the profession.  The admission process is outlined in the admission application packet.