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Bonner Leaders Program

The Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady University chapter of The Bonner Leader Program focuses on solving social injustices in the healthcare and education field for individuals with mental, physical, social and cognitive disabilities.

Who is a Bonner Student?

Bonner students are enrolled in American colleges and universities and committed to community service. These students were passionate about serving their communities before college. They have been chosen to receive financial aid or other assistance from the Bonner Program so that they may attend the university and continue to positively impact their communities. Most Bonner students come from low-income backgrounds, so the aid is important to their education. Hence, the Bonner Foundation’s motto is Access to Education, Opportunity to Serve; our intensive community service programs provide both.

Bonner Students:

  • serve 8-10 hours per week in the community
  • move through a training and enrichment program to supplement their knowledge and skills
  • are committed to six common commitments
    • social justice
    • diversity
    • community building
    • spiritual exploration
    • civic engagement
    • international perspective

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