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What are the retention requirements for TOPS?

What are the retention requirements for TOPS?

  • Continuous full time enrollment defined as:
  • Enroll full-time each fall and spring semester.
  • Be enrolled full-time through the 14th class day of each fall and spring semester.

Earn 24 hours each academic year defined as the fall, spring and summer semesters. Clinical and technical students who enroll full-time per institutional definition are not required to meet the 24 hour requirement.

Maintain academic progress defined as:
The following cumulative GPA* is checked at the end of each spring semester

  • Tech Award 2.50
  • Opportunity Award 2.30, if the student has earned less than 48 hours
    • 2.50 if the student has earned 48 hours or more
  • Performance Award** 3.00
  • Honors Award** 3.00

* Please note Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady University awards +/- grades, but these are not recognized by the state TOPS office.

**Performance or Honors Award recipients who fail to maintain a 3.00 cumulative GPA at the end of an academic year will revert to the Opportunity Award provided they have maintained the GPA necessary for renewal at that level. Once the recipient reverts to the Opportunity Award, the Performance or Honors Award CANNOT be reinstated.

At the end of all other terms, steady academic progress, defined as a 2.00 cumulative GPA must be maintained.

Failure to meet one of the continuous full-time enrollment components results in permanent cancellation of TOPS.

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