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Funding Ministry Programs

Enhancing Mission, Servant Leadership and the First Year Student Experience

Franciscan Enrichment Program

External funds will support interaction between members of the University community and scholars recognized for excellence in teaching, research and scholarship in Franciscan Studies. Program elements would include seminars, lecture series and other educational activities (retreats, pilgrimages, masses, campus activities, immersion programs, etc.); promote the integration of the Catholic Franciscan tradition into the curriculum; and support course development by providing faculty resources and research assistance.

Resources for Campus Reflections

External funding will support the creation of several quiet spaces throughout the campus for students, faculty and staff, including small garden areas with foliage and tranquil fountains, a Chapel for University ceremonies and masses, and iconic images as campus markers and inside academic buildings.

Agenda for Catholic Responsibility and Social Concern

An educational journey founded within the Franciscan vision begins with serving others, but also includes reflecting on that experience in the light of faith, integrating it with essential curriculum and becoming agents for positive change. The Agenda promotes enhancing and expanding a flourishing Service-Learning and Civic Engagement concept already in place at the University.

Servant Leadership and Strengthening First Year Student Experiences

Within Student Services we would establish a program to focus on one-on-one interaction with students enrolling at Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady University for the first time, and introduce this group of students to the Servant Leadership Certificate Program, with a goal of increasing retention, persistence and matriculation.

Religious Education Initiative Scholarships

Establishment of an endowed fund of  four million dollars to annually fund a maximum of 20 students at $10K per year as participants of the Religious Studies baccalaureate degree program at Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady University. This scholarship program would target the Catholic formation of the laity with focus directors/coordinators of religious education at each of the churches in the five surrounding dioceses, but would also include members of the general student population.

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