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Frequently Asked Questions About Distance Learning

Q: Do you offer completely online programs?

A: Currently, we offer two completely online programs. For more information about our online programs, please visit the Online Degrees page.

Registration/Web Express/e-mail Account

Q: What is my User ID and Password? A: First you must go to the LOLA web page an access “Technology Information for New Students”.

Q: How do I access my e-mail account? A: Visit http://www.ololcollege.edu, click on LOLA

Drop a Course

Q: If I tried to drop a course within refund period outside of office hours, now the deadline has passed, why should I be penalized and what can I do about it? A: You can submit an online drop or withdrawal form that will be time dated and stamped, as these are approved by the date submitted. You can also send an e-mail to your adviser as e-mails are time dated and stamped as well and will show your attempt to drop or withdraw during the refund period. To drop a course go to the eCampus homepage. First, select the Current Students link from the top menu. Then, select either the Undergraduate students or Graduate students link from the page that appears. Then, on the page that appears select the Forms link from the left menu. Finally, on the Online Forms page locate the link to the form.

Technical Support/Moodle

Q: How do I access Moodle?  A: Visit http://portal.ololcollege.edu. Once logged into the system, click the Moodle icon.

Q: I am an Our Lady of the Lake College student but I do not have access to Moodle. Why?  A: Only students who are currently enrolled in courses using the Moodle system will be able to login to the system. Once a student enrolls in course using Moodle he/she will have access to the system. This includes students who may have previously taken courses through Moodle.

Q: I just registered for online courses, but I cannot login to Moodle, what do I need to do? A: It can take up to 24 hours for a student’s registration to process and be transferred to the Moodle System. As soon as Moodle system receives the registration information the student will be able to login. If a student still cannot login after 24 hours, they should verify their registration through Webservices or contact their adviser.

Q: I am having problems remembering my password for Moodle. How can I get my password?  A: First you must go to the LOLA web page an access “Technology Information for New Students”.

Q: What do I do if on the first day of the term my instructor still has not made my course available?  A: If a student finds that their online course is still not available on the first day of class, they should portal@ololcollege.edu. You will need to give the name of the course and the instructor and to find out the status of the course.

Q: How can I review the syllabus for the course before it is available in Moodle?  A: Log into portal, click the Moodle icon. Under My Courses, selected the class where the instructor will post the syllabus. Q: I am having problems communicating with my online instructor. Who can help me get answers to my questions?  A: Any time a student has a problem with an instructor within a course he/she should contact the Department Chair for that course.

Q: I just completed a term and need to go into Moodle and check my grades, but it will not allow me back into my previous course, what do I do?  A: Students will only have access to courses for three (3) days following the end of the term. After three (3) days students will have to go to Webservices to check their final grades.

Q: I need to register for the upcoming term but do not have access to Moodle. What do I need to do?  A: Students do not register for the upcoming term through the Moodle system; all courses are registered via Webservices.

Q: Who do I contact if I am having problems with Moodle?  A: Email portal@ololcollege.edu

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